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Who We Are

A creative studio that is determined to make the world more beautiful by bringing your imagination to life

AFSTHETiX is a privately owned company with a personal touch. We provide fast, friendly service and support, and we make sure that you understand the major components of our process. Our creative approach to design and technology gives s a galaxy of unique ideas and strategies to help bring your project up to the cutting edge. The way we do business is the way we like business done: with care and integrity, and that is what sets AFSTHETiX apart.

What We Do

What you can’t see, you can imagine.
What you imagine is what we can do.

At AFSTHETiX, we use a unique combination of design, technology and marketing to help you make an unforgettable impression in today’s society. If you are ready to try a new exciting way to brand your ministry or would like to know how to utilize the latest trend in technology, we can provide a custom solution to help you attain your goals. We have services such as graphic design, branding, printing social media management and web development, but what we offer you are empowering tools to help you reach your audience.

tri focus

Why We Are Successful

In many cases, you will have to hire 3 different firms in order to get the best graphics, technology and the right strategy. Fortunately, in this case you just need us! We are able to provide the best in graphic design, incorporate the latest trends in technology and devise the most creative strategies in line with your objectives. What do you get in return? With our signature Tri-Focus Approach you will visualize success clearly! You won’t just end up with “products” that you asked for. You will be empowered to reach your goals.

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