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Brand Design

We create awesome designs that stand out,
boost your confidence & grow your business.


Now is the best time  to be unique.

With all the tech that is available today it is tempting to be a copycat. Being just like everyone else is not a bad thing if you are trying to blend in with your competition. However, if you want your brand to win the hearts of your customers your visual identity needs to be memorable.  When your customers can’t stop talking about your brand, you have a bigger impact and make more money. 

Awesome logos stand out.

Once you have a clear roadmap to follow (brand strategy), you are ready to create the symbol that represents your brand. This symbol is called a logo. We’ll design a logo for you that is adaptable in all of your marketing arenas. The logo is accompanied with brand assets that will make running your business easier. You won’t have to open up a word document and struggle with fonts, colors or templates. We make sure that your brand’s visual identity is beautifully experienced at each touch point of your customer’s journey.

Let’s face it…

Unprofessional designs are embarrassing.

At AFSTHETiX, we understand that growing a business in today’s modern world is more complicated than before. You deserve to have an awesome brand so that you can delight your customers.  We’ve been helping brands stand out for 20 years and would love to help you grow your business with confidence.

Your awesome logo is 3 steps away.

We are excited to help you look your best so we make it easy for you to work with us.

1. Create a brand strategy

After discovering your brands insights you’ll be ready to move forward with clarity so that you can design the perfect symbol that represents your brand.

2. Design your visual identity

This is the fun part where you get to work with a professional designer to bring your imagination to life.

3. Show off your brand

Growing your business has never been easier when you’re this confident.  We hope you like compliments because you’re going to have a lot of them.